Ways to Impress Your Committee at Dissertation Defense

As you pursue your Ph.D. in your university, the journey always comes to an end. When you near the very end of your Ph.D. journey, you need to have our defense. The defense is the last step in a very long process. It varies in different countries and also different disciplines. When you prepare for your Ph.D. defense, some people say that you do not need anything. That in the end, what does matter is the research that you have done over the years. It means that if you have done the research, you have mastered your work and do not need to prepare for your Ph.D. defense. However, it cannot be further from the truth. When you go to your Ph.D. defense without any preparation, it is something not commendable at all, in the process of studying for your Ph.D. and even starting writing very early on. It is imperative to go back and revise and reread some of the elements and the key publications.

Another thing to note is that the dissertation committee is the one that determines how your defense goes. When preparing to keep this in mind, it is essential. Another thing that you need to remember is preparing yourself for the day you have your defense mentally, which will give you peace of mind. 

Suppose you are having a hard time preparing for your Ph.D. defense. There are many ways you can get dissertation help. When you are going into your defense, there are some things that you need to do as measures to help you prepare better for your defense. 

  1. Attend as many conferences as possible

When you attend academic conferences and present your work, there is a crucial and essential part of your Ph.D. journey. Attending and presenting your work to different audiences internationally, answering the questions arising makes you better prepared. With this, you will be more prepared than someone who hasn’t traveled yet and presented their work. Confidence grows every time you present your work. You will also practice and sharpen your presentation, and also, you will sharpen your skills. 

  1. Know your committee and the work they do

When it comes to your defense, the questions that you will get are dependent on the committee. When preparing for the defense, don’t make a mistake, navel-gazing the dissertation. Take a step back; when you evaluate your work, do it from the committee members’ eyes. You can research the committee members and the kind of work they have done. Do not have the assumption that you have read through all your work. Take time and look at press publications. If by any chance you have met with your committee members. You can revise your work depending on the criticism from them. During your defense, your committee will ask you questions. Some of them will let you know the questions in advance, but some will keep you guessing. The wise thing to do is to come up with possible scenarios that the committee may ask questions. Prepare some additional material for those questions formulated.

  1. Revision of the crucial papers

Know your literature. Apart from checking your committee members’ works, ensure that you research recent publications that have been published in your field. It ensures that you are up to standard with the literature review. Ensure that you are also up to date with the knowledge of the literature review. It should also not just stop after finishing the literature review chapter. Make sure that before your defense, that you have reread your paper and have your memory refreshed. 

  1. Prepare for broader questions

When in preparation for your defense, don’t expect it to be an open door. You should ensure that you have prepared in advance as many questions as possible. These questions should be at the periphery of your paper and closer to some of the committee members’ work. Do not be afraid to ask for advice from people who have defended their papers recently. All the procedures included should be understood. When in doubt, ask for assistance from the office. 

  1. Be your best self 

When preparing for the defense, avoid being overly stressed with it. If under stress, it will be difficult for you to think clearly. You cannot be able to answer the questions when stressed. Try and stay calm through your defense. Ensure that you are well-rested and that you eat well weeks before the defense. Take as a competition, and you are an athlete, ensure you are the best version of yourself.

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