Dissertation Topic Ideas in Education

The education field of studies is constantly evolving, especially with the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic that greatly affected educational activities and institutions. Many dissertation topics cut across the different areas within the education discipline. Such an article aims to highlight some of the most interesting dissertation topic ideas in education. You can carry out your research and create a relevant dissertation with practical solutions to the problems you shall have identified in the education field. 

  1. Dissertation topic ideas focusing on pre-school education

Pre-school education focuses on children aged between 18 months and six years. Possible pre-school education dissertation topic ideas you could use for your dissertation include:

  • The impact of the Montessori Method in pre-school education on improving the educational outcome of the pre-school education system.
  • How better equipped are the children attending pre-school equipped to deal with social life situations than those who do not attend pre-school.
  • Investigating the effect of pre-school education on the personal development and social skills of young children.
  • Investigation of the advantages and disadvantages of early childhood education and care to children and practitioners in education
  1. Dissertation topic ideas focusing on university education

University education covers undergraduate, post-graduate, and college students. Choosing a dissertation topic in education focusing on university education can be easy as the university experience is still relatively fresh in your memory, and you can relate easily.   Some university education dissertation topics to consider include:

  • The significance of university education in the face of increasing unemployment, especially in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis.
  • The effect of universities and colleges shifting to online lectures due to the pandemic on enrollment of students.
  • The impact of the internet on learning activities of university students
  1. Dissertation topic ideas focusing on private school education

Presently, more parents keep opting to take their children to private school despite the expensive nature of the fees. If you are considering dissertation topic ideas education-based focused on private schools, some of the topics you may choose can include:

  • Investigating the level of motivation of teachers in private schools as compared to teachers in public schools.
  • Reasons that majority of parents are considering taking their children to private schools than taking them to publicly funded schools.
  • The beneficial aspects of private schooling that public school students miss out on.
  • What are the effects of attending a private school compared to attending a public school when it comes to attaining a place at an elite university?
  1. Dissertation topic ideas focusing on holistic education

Holistic education concentrates on the character development of children to mold them into well-rounded individuals in society. Such a field can be an interesting one to choose your topic of research. some topics to consider include:

  • Assessment and measurement of holistic education provided in schools.
  • The effect of holistic education on the performance and achievement of students
  • The reasonability of holistic education workload addition on teachers who have assigned teaching workload already.


Other fields you can investigate for more topics can cover primary schools, collegiate, public school, and home-schooling education. It is highly recommended to choose a topic that you can easily relate to as these education fields have been a part of you since you were a toddler. Focusing on the area that you had an experience contributing to your dissertation can make you interested in accomplishing your dissertation writing fast enough. Whichever research topic you pick, ensure you have access to all relevant resource materials to ensure the relevance and accuracy of your dissertation. Always consult with your dissertation advisor or supervisor on every progress you make. Ensure that your sources are relevant in relation to your topic of research. Adhere to the required formatting and citation styles as per your institution’s guidelines. Ensure that your edit and proofread your dissertation before submission to your supervisor.

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