Guide to Writing more than 10,000 Words a Week

If you love writing, most likely it will be what you do most of your available time. People have varied capacities in terms of the number of words they can write in a day. Depending on what you are writing and the intensity of the research needed, the words you write will vary. This article shows you how to write ten thousand words in a week. You may be cranking your mind and asking yourself if it is possible. Indeed, it is possible. How quickly you achieve this goal depending on your writing experience. If you have been writing for a while, it will be a bit simpler than a starter.

All in all, you need to build up a habit by writing a set number of words each day. All these require a lot of planning, research, and writing. There is no shortcut to achieving the ten thousand word but to put in the effort and focus. Some of the best strategies include:

Set SMART writing goals

You need to set achievable and realistic goals that will boost your output. When setting your goal, be specific. If you mean to write four blogs of 500 words each day, let that be your specific goal. Ensure that the goal you set for yourself is measurable. Do set more than you can achieve. You should know your ability and how much your body can take. Unmeasured goals will lead to you failing to achieve them, and the ultimate goal of ten thousand words will remain only as a dream. Apart from being measured, ensure that your goals are achievable. Sometimes you might get excited and overconfident to the point of giving yourself too much. Limit yourself to what you have handled in the past and what you know is within your purview. Your goals should be realistic in that it should be relevant to what you know. A realistic goal will motivate you to be creative and go the extra mile. On top of setting your goals, make sure you give them a time frame. It will inspire and motivate you every time you reach a milestone. 

The art of taking notes

Keep a pen and notebook close to you. The writing material is for jotting down new ideas that come up as you think and speculate. As you write, you develop more ideas and alternative narratives to your story that would work better. So, a pen and paper will come in handy at that point an idea strikes. Some ideas might be from TV programs you are watching, listening to music, or a short conversation with people that might be relevant to what you are writing. A short note will make your writing go faster since you will not be struggling with writing.

Stick to one writing type

Like driving, where you need a clear lane to drive fast, you also need one writing format to put down all the ideas you have in your head. When you find the appropriate flow, you can incorporate other styles that will benefit your writing. 

The Outline

An outline is an essential component when writing long texts such as E-books. It gives you the document the desired structure. It helps you remain on course and within the scope of your topics. It helps guide your thoughts as you write. It may take you some considerable time to come up with an outline, but it will save you even more time when you sit down and start writing. Not having an outline is like going to the market without a shopping list. 

Read more

Reading relevant and significant books by great writers will inspire you to write better as well. It enhances your thought process and populates your mind with alternative ideas you would not have come up with. 

Fall in love with writing

Finally, there is no other way to learn better and achieve more than love and passion. Passion alone is a motivator that will drive you to seek better ways and strategies to write better content. Also, you will lack the will to try everyday thill without some love of writing until you achieve your goal.

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