Definition of Dissertation And Writing Tips For Students

It’s not unusual to see students worrying about their Ph.D. dissertation ahead of time even before the time of graduation and earning their degrees. Usually, you will find them discussing with their peers, instructors, and professors about what they want. However, most students do not know a lot about the dissertation definition. This article aims to show you all you need to know.

What is a Dissertation and the Need for One?

The dissertation is a long writeup (a project) written by a student who is about to earn a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. in a particular academic field. In most cases, it takes around one year or thereabout to complete a dissertation.

Writing a good dissertation requires a lot of hard work as they demand many hours of research. The final doctoral dissertation could contain several chapters with several pages depending on the requirements as set by the student’s department (for example, Chemistry Department, Biology Department, etc.). As with most disciplines, all students need to crown their studies with a project. Writing a doctoral dissertation has become the most generally accepted way of doing this.

Define a dissertation as it applies to a Degree

The most common dissertation definition is that dissertations are long research works with which one shows his ability and knowledge in making contributions to his field. The work has to be written in such a way that it shows deep technical knowledge while being as original as possible.

You might talk about new perspectives relating to a known subject area, or you could give your views as regards established knowledge. Your dissertation might be used as a reference by other researchers, which is how it differs from a thesis. The usual assumption is that you did a thorough work and that your presentation is from an expert’s point of view.

When is the Right Time to Write Doctoral Dissertation?

The best time to write your dissertation is as early as you can. However, you should take out some time to plan out and conduct proper research. Your dissertation would require you to invest a lot of hours in carrying out surveys, checking sources, revising different materials, and testing your theories. Writing will usually take months of writing, editing, revising, and countless proofreading before you arrive at the final draft that would suit you.

Therefore, your plans should start around a year before the time you are expected to tender the final draft for approval. You might want to sit with your advisor and create a schedule. Make sure your plan has enough room to accommodate for unforeseen mishaps that might disrupt your schedule. If you plan, you won’t get yourself into trouble. On the other hand, without a plan, one is headed for doom.

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